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DJ G-Spot is originally from Chicago and has worked incredibly hard bringing the world's community of dance music, musicians & Hip Hop artists to the islands of Hawaii.

His passion for music lies in the groovy basslines and soaring vocals of New York and Chicago House Music and the English progressive sound. G-Spot's devotion and dedication to exposing the dance music world to Hawaii has been enjoyed by 1000's. On the millennium he staged a worldwide broadcast with the BBC Radio 1 or his Party where G-Spot and Carl Cox broadcasted to over 2 million people, while over 25,000 people attended the event. The British Broadcasting Company did a TV documentary on G-Spot and his DJ & Promoting career.

He hosts and Djs in radio for well over 17 years. On his "POP ROX" Hot Mix Radio Show, he plays a fast past mixes of the 80s and 90s New Wave and Rock and More. His DJing career has taken him to places such as Tokyo, Brazil, Bangkok, Ireland, Sydney, Mexico, Melbourne, London and Numerous Canadian cities, and many other locals

Past programs
POP ROX G-Spot in the Mix
2 hours of mixing from 9pm-11pm. Mixing the best in 80s and 90s music. On 105.9 FM Honolulu KPOI "The Rock You Live On".

105.9 KPOI and Double O Spot brings you a sticky-sweet mix show that will satisfy all your cravings! POP ROX, every Saturday night from 9 PM - 11 PM! DJ G-Spot brings you the candy coated goodness, spinning all the best 80's New Wave, Pop, and 90's music your ears can handle!

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