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About Double-O-Spot Double-O-Spot was created in 1992 in Chicago.

In 1995, Double-O-Spot moved its headquarters to Honolulu, Hawaii, where it has been based ever since. For the past fourteen years in the islands, OOSPOT has done countless weekly events and one offs. Ranging from Ultra Sushi Lounge with Hip Hop (21+) to all age Raves, it is not uncommon for OOSPOT to do 2 events in 1 night, touching on different music styles and experiences. The talent that has performed for OOSPOT, ranges from Reggae (Mr. Vegas, Ky Mani Marley, Baby Cham, etc), to Hip Hop (Q-Bert, J5, Lootpack, etc), to Techno/Trance (Carl Cox, Crystal Method, etc), to hundreds of DJs and artists, all of varying styles.

OOSPOT has always been a team effort. Many people over the years have gotten involved and helped to make Double-O-Spot what it is today. Whether they helped for several years or just at one gig, Hawaii's dance floors have become better in the process. Thanks to them the people keep on dancin'! There are a countless too many to list, however, in the beginning Randy Walsh, Debbie Bitner, Meagon Rounds and Lea S. all provided instrumental help and moved on to dance another day.

OOSPOT does a lot in the community as well. Having raised over $50,000 for the Life Foundation with its DJsAgainstAids.com annual World Aids Day Fundraiser. Given Free Admission to Patrons who donate used phones for women's shelters. Toys for Tots DEC Party Drive. Fundraiser for Red Cross with events such as "Dance For Haiti", "Tsunami Dance for Japan" {named as a Red Cross Hero in 2010}. $5 off for Military with Proper ID to all OOSPOT Gigs. raised over a ton of Canned Food for the Hawaii Food Bank. Biggest benefactor for 2 Non-Profit Radio Stations: KTUH90.3 Collage Radio and 95.9fm Non-Profit EDM station. Donates Equipment and Labor Annually for the "International Day of Peace" presented by the Hawaii Ghandi Institute. View OOSPOT community service page.

Over the years, numerous people have helped and been a part of the team. It would be impossible to list all that have participated, however, here is an unofficial list of people that are part of the OOSPOT family in no particular order:

DJ Trek, Tasha Boehland, SovernT, Daniel J, Bryan Mizota, Jessica, Lips, Bri, Hot93.9 Crew, Big Daddy Dave, Mellie Mel, Tina C., Kurt Olson, Troy Ponthieux, Tony Roberts, Josh [Skip] Macfarlane, Will Park, Jerad Laverty, E, Jamie Vituscka, Matt Cooper, Sam White, Jeremy Kelley, Jeff Smith, Matt Hopkins, Scott [Tactics] Jenson, Mikey Alley, Brandi Reader Alley, Dave Backes [Jitterbug aka JB Dizzy], Mikey Altier, Jared Christian, Myke Hoff, Joseph [J.D.] Osborn, John Farmer, Dane Thibodeaux, Mike [M"] Middleton, Jeff Darger, Rob Anderson, Pete [P"] Perski, Mike Psaledakis, Jason Peterson, Joseph Yip, Martin Astromowicz, Doug Sine, Rob Green, Melinda Cruz, Leah Domec, Ruby Hong, Shannon, KTUH Family, Star 101.9, DJ Dawn, Matt Cardiel, K Smooth, Cedric Duarte, Eddie Gordon (BBC), Nikki Sword, Abby Alcoran, DJ Betty, David [Tigger] Tibbet, Don [Neal] Siddel, Ron [Bob] Martin, Jon Ching aka JJ [House Nation], Quad, Jeela, Ten, Flash, Matty Boy, Tim Hazelgrove, Matther Grim, Cedric Duarte, Frank McPherson, Jole Gold, Keith MacKenzie [M13Graphics.com/illeveneleven.com], T. Bear, Rod Simington [DJ Eclipse], DJ KAM, Reza, Kimmy, John German, Jeff LaChance, Jeanne Herring, Amada Jimenez Strange, Anthony Whitehurst, Mike Allbritton,AJ Charleston, Chris Greenhagen, Candice Smith, Jeremey Hustman,Ryan Aslett, DFX Mom, Jace, Keoni, Michelle & Angela, Courtney Brebbia, Rhonda Grimmer, Larry Perry III, Bradley Crisp, John Martin aka John Jacob, Garrett Irvin, Derrick Cochran, Nina R., Ben Kemker, Robbie Truitt, Ranel Sahagun, All the DJs who played the shows, + more

  • Winner of 'Godfather of House's' 25th Anniversary Outstanding Achievement Award for Electronic Music Award. 2009
  • Promotion Director KTUH FM Radio Honolulu 1996-Current
  • Promoter Director of Hype Hawaii Magazine 2002-2005.
  • Promotion Director - Fashion 45 Nightclub, 2004-2005
  • Independent Promoter for Wave Waikiki 1996-2006.
  • Independent Promoter for 1739 [Nightclub 1739 Kalakaua Ave.] 1996-2006.
  • DJ of the Year Award 1997. Honolulu Weekly.
  • Promoter of Djs Against Aids Annual benefit since 1995
  • Promoter Chinatown Getdown.com since 2006-Present.
  • Promoted the 2 Largest New Years Eve Events in Hawaii's History: NYE 2010 Aloha Tower (8000+) and Millenium 1999 (20,000+) Ref: Honolulu Advertiser.
  • Supporter of Honolulu Academy of the Arts (Art After Dark, Starlight Ball, Annual food Music benefit)
  • Promoter of The Love Festival Hawaii's Largest Annual Dance Music Event since 1997. Average Attnedance 9000.
  • Promoter of Numerous Reggae Festivals @ Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park (Wet N Wild). Minimum Attendance 5000.
  • Promoter of Miami Earth Day Event. 1993 and 1994.
  • Promoter and Entertainment Editor of Hawaii Military Magazine. 2004-Present.
  • Promoter of Earth Alert Annual Benefit 1992-1995.
  • Promoter of Get Fresh Fridays @ Indigo (7+years) 2002-2009, won award and multiple acclaims from Honolulu Weekly.
  • Promoter of Perpertual Groove Thursdays @ Venue Nightclub (4+ years), 1999-2003
  • Promoter of Feng Shui Saturdays @ Hyatt Regency. (3 years), 2002-2005. Won award from Honolulu Weekly Best Promotion and acclaim from Honolulu Magazine.
  • British Broadcasting Company did a documentary/reality on 2 Millenium Festival Promoters and G was one of them. 1999-2000 Race Against Time
  • Promoter of the State of Hawaii Official Millenium Party 1998-2000, endorsed by Gov. Ben Cayetano.
  • Promoter of Club Solo Grand Opening DEC 21-23 1996: Chicago.
  • Print Media that have Covered G as a Promoter and/or DJ:
  • Honolulu Weekly, Honolulu Star Bulletin, Honolulu Advertiser, Honolulu Star Advertiser, Maui Times, Billboard (International), Billboard (USA), Odyssey Magazine, Island Life Magazine, Hawaii Military Magazine, Sweater Magazine (National), Pocket Magazine (National), XLR8R (National), Insider Magazine (National), Millenium Magazine (National), Ka Leo of Hawaii (University Newspaper), HPU Newspaper, Bean Magazine (Midwest Region), Digital Artifact Magazine (National), 1000 Words Magazine (National), Mixer Magazine (International), Music Magazine (UK), Lotus Magazine (National), Collage Music Journal CMJ (International), TGIF, Weekender, Hype Hawaii, Pacific Edge Magazine, Smart Magazine, Midweek, 808 Scene Zine, Overground Lifestyle Magazine (Maui), Electronic Dance Music Magazine (2011) + More.

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