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Butigroove is the only musically driven clothing line in Hawaii. Everyone is born with a natural rhythm keeper --our heart. Check out the 15% off discount!


The dots symbolize the chambers of our heart....in the womb for months all we hear is our mother's heartbeat..and we are born into a world of rhythm... the seasons, the tides, the beautiful mother nature. so turn it up and boogie down with butigroove!

Butigroove is also the exclusive dealer for Hi Life merchandise, and we have the greatest collection of President Barack Obama t-shirts. Everything here is proudly made in Hawaii. Mahalo for all the support over the years!

M-SAT 10-6PM
SUN 12-5PM

ref no:6247

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500 A Piikoi Street
Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone: (808) 589-2884
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