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Deejay DC
Deejay DC Breaks Guinness Book of World Records: Longest DJ Set


Austrian wants to play records nonstop for more than a week

Deejay DC plans world record gig in Honolulu

Deejay DC shows and endless fighting spirit for his ambitious project in Hawaii: In the Fix Club in Honolulu the 33-year-old musician wants to break the world record for playing continuously records. The Austrian, who is known as good House Deejay in California, will provide a party atmosphere for more than 200 hours. This means he will hold out for over a week without sleep!

On February 28th at 9pm, the marathon of records will start. Rene Brunner is aiming to play for 200 hours. He already has related experience: This is his fifth start to get into the Guinness Book of Records. Four times he had done it. His personal best is exactly 150 hours.

The Fix Honolulu owner Mike is already planning an endless World Record Party.

DJ DC will "throw" approximately 6660 records onto the turntables at the Fix Club. A marathon of concentration and power, which is life-threatening, according to team physician Dr. Thomas. But Rene Brunner replies: "The record over 150 hours was surprisingly the easiest for me. However, I know of course that I will need a lot of energy. "Dr. Thomas is always on alert. Laz Askitis -- well known in the scene as manager of different clubs -- will support him all the time.

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