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  • DJ Anthony D

DJ Anthony D
I'm DJ Anthony D. Everything I know and have learned is from My mentor James Coles . I am a mobile DJ as well as a nightclub DJ for Club Sundance and many bars and clubs around the Island. I have also DJ'd at Hot Import Nights, Arts in Motion, and Traffic Jam car shows .

I do a lot of hip hop showcases that are featured as well as working at Clear Channel Radio as A Promotion Intern. I do monthly teen parties with United DJs and was also a featured DJ at the Hawaii Teen Music Fest. I spin just about everything and really like doing Hip Hop and EDM . So I guess you can basically say I'm a young DJ on the rise to go no where but up with no limitations or boundaries .

I have been DJing for almost 3 years now and have no intent on stopping . Ill be doing this till the day I die. I am currently in the process of leaving the island of Hawaii to go to Florida to increase my business and see what other opportunities await me. I have a lot of determination and enthusiasm to strive for the best and kill the show leaving nothing but good vibes and a name you will always remember .

I will elevate your party or event to the highest Level of enjoyment and that is guaranteed. I really don't look up to many people in my life but the 2 DJs that I would enjoy spinning like is DJ Wizard and DJ James Coles. Those are 2 people who really inspire me to wake up everyday and love what I do.
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