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  • DJ Chris Sia

DJ Chris Sia

Chris Sia is a multimedia artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he has resided since 1999. He studied performance arts and social change at the New College of California. He has performed with ZaZa Dance Theater, Infinite Kaos, Enemy Combatant Theater, El Circo, Velocity Circus, and many others. He was the Performance Director for the legendary Ascension events.

He has written, directed and produced performances from BurningMan to Brooklyn. He has served practically every aspect of the house, from stage tech to managing tours.

After performing a few shows, he decided he wanted to also score the music. He began djing in 2000, and producing music soon after. He has shared the stage with Bassnectar, Cheb i Sabbah, Tipper, Starfire, and a gazillion others but is not too starstruck to dj an old friend's wedding reception or a donate his time for a friend's birthday.

He is currently pursuing a new realm, while exploiting his oldest artistic talent: playing the piano. Chris is performing hybrid dj sets, playing an 88-key midi-controller, and accompanying himself with piano, strings, synths, etc. He is currently working on finishing up his first ep, to be released in the summer.

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