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  • DJ Cindy Kim (Beat Pulse Invasion- New York City)

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Known for her so-called, 'scenester-ness', this Reg.Nurse-by-day,DJ-by-night takes no prisoners...she likes to keep 'the beat' going all day/night long in both her work and play environments. Having been born and raised in Toronto,Ont.Canada, this Korean-Canadian has always been surrounded by music as far as she can remember. Her 1st turntable she set her hands on was a Fisher Price record- player (how typical, eh?).

At the age of 7, she was already singing 'Grease' tunes for her classmates for her elementary school's annual talent show. Her 1st 4 vinyl albums she owned was the best of Olivia Newton John, a 45er of Joan Jett's 'I Love Rock n Roll' , a Korean folky-pop compilation album and DEVO at the age of 8 (given by her older sister-who later DJ'd in the late 80s in Toronto clubs ) and that's when she ditched the Fisher Price turntable and used her parents' turntable. 'Ziggy Stardust' on vinyl was given to her by her mom that time as well, as her mom was a major Bowie fan. By 4th grade, she picked the drums as her 1st instrument, but lost out to the boys....so she chose trumpet as her 2nd choice and fell in love with it ever since....she's played for numerous marching bands. and ska-punk bands in university. She made her 1st official mixed tape in gr.7 for her music class, blending all her fave. current and past music for her peers. She believes the 80s music scene was the most influential in her life, because of her older sister DJing in the late 80s and her childhood memories in that particular decade.

High school had her involved with producing the music score for her school's fashion show, and playing music for the entire cafeteria in the booth during lunchtime. During her time at the University of Toronto, she had a weekly radio show called 'Sanctuary' where it was both a talk and music show; she would incorporate bringing new indie-music for her listeners to explore, and talk about developing stories about the bands/artists she played on air, supporting both local and international indie rock and disco-punk music. That's when she believes she was bitten again (1st by her older sister) by the DJ scene as she was captivated by Canada's influential dance-rock DJs such as Chris Sheppard (Edge102.1 FM-Toronto), and Patty Schmidt (CBC' Radios Brave New Waves radio host).

After working at Woodstock '99 in Rome,NY, Cindy Kim decided a change was in order and decided to leave her home city of Toronto and move to Connecticut/New York city ,7 yrs ago. Her Nursing career was important, but having music around her was just as vital to her as well. Her 1st club she ever went to in NYC was Twilo. Her 1st NYC DJ gig was in 2001, at Leopard Lounge/Sin-Sin with the Homegrown Crew and spun her 1st electro-nu-wave-breaks set. She was a firm-supporter of Larry T's Electroclash movement, but also enjoyed going to Carl Cox and Ritchie Hawtin's events as well, and appreciating to spin minimal tech-house as well. She interviewed Carl Cox as a free-lance music writer for different music zines and reviewed numerous DJ/bands events as well. She has DJ'd at venues such as: Sugar, Remote Lounge, Ella, Orchard Bar, Capones, the Charleston, NYC Burningmen crew's annual DECOMPRESSION 07 (at Queens MOMA) Royal Oak Bar, WEMF (Toronto Canada) '06, WMC Ultra Music Festival Miami, FL '08 & 09, Fontana's, Hiro Ballroom, Lotus, Oxygen Bar, The Mean Fiddler,Studio B, Stay, EMPIRE HOTEL nyc, The Knitting Factory, Rebel, CIRCA & The Social & The Barn (Toronto, Canada), The Bruckner Bar (in South Bronx/'SoBro'- a new hip emerging neighbourhood in which she is proud to be part of.), @ BAR 13 for Transmission Sundays( with the blokes that did the SHOUT parties nyc) ,205 Club nyc, for Les Femmes Technique and the annual WATER TAXI Series 09 with DJ/Producer Victor Franco & NYC's Webster Hall DJing for Cisco and Schywaze... Her itinerary for '10 includes: Miami/WMC, Hawaii, and European Tour in May '10- (stay tuned!)......She has DJ'd alongside with DJ/producers and bands: DJ Juan Maclean, Marc-Alan Gray, Alexander Technique, Dennis Sebayan, DJ LindsayLuv, Elle, The Bangers DJs,, Ultraviolet Sound band, Apparat, Run Run Run, DJ Skeet Skeet, and many more.... She was in the documentary "Put The Needle on the Record" (2006-directed by Jason REM ), which mainly focused on the WMC scene .

She is working on producing new tracks at the moment, remixing music by indie bands' and is very receptive to new changes and embraces new technology with open-arms in the DJ/dance world, as much as she will always appreciate the art of playing vinyl out (as rubbed onto her by her older sister). She condemns those who label DJs, particularly those who classify female DJs as 'prop-DJs' (as not all female DJs are good 'actresses'!) and she has learned to appreciate any musician/artist/DJ out there, who are trying to make it and supports all her DJ friends no matter what genre of music is played. She urges her listeners to 'stay tuned for more'....'cause nothing is gonna stop this girl from enjoying a swell party.
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