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  • Dj Dirty Beenie - Kanaloa Capua

Dj Dirty Beenie - Kanaloa Capua


Dj DirtyBeenie was born in Hawaii and raised in Seattle and Colorado, however now back on the islands of Hawaii specifically Oahu Honolulu. DJ DirtyBeenie got into DJing through the influence of his ‘EDM' Loving Mom and that began at an early age of 12. Music was an on and off thing and when DirtyBeenie turned 14, he became more serious about it as his Love for Music & Dance exploded. At a very surprising young age of 15 his talents got him a DJ residency; playing in the new club The Underground and The Fix in downtown Honolulu. DJ DirtyBeenie's talents have also led him to play at some really large events; including the most recent 2014 ProBowl Block Party in Waikiki which was attended by over 50,000 and Hawaii's 6th Annual ‘SilkyLove'.

How Did DirtyBeenie get his name you may ask?? In his own words, "Well, at a house party, my Mom's drunk friend decided to give me a dj name. I always wore a beanie, I didn't have many beanie's and the one I was wearing was dirty and a dash worn I was djing at the house party and someone yelled out DJ DirtyBeenie and it has stuck ever since!" Currently Now DirtyBeenie has a Beenie Sponsor in "City All-Stars" and clothing Sponsor in "HI-LIFE Hawaii."

DirtyBeenie is influenced by DJ G-Spot locally in Hawaii, owner of OOspot. As a valued employee with Mystical Sound Productions where he to sets up and operates large equipment such as the sound, Video and lighting. Dirty Beenie is affiliated with OOspot, Livewire, and Pure Coalition. At a young age he has already gone far and has big dreams for the future. YOLO!

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