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  • DJ Kana - Kauai

DJ Kana - Kauai Hawaii's rave scene, led by Chicago born DJ G-Spot and the rest of the 0OSpot army, influenced Kana in his early years and heated his passion for EDM and its culture.

It wasn't until some years later, however, when he linked up with fellow Kaua'i based DJ Bass Bumpa that he began his journey as a DJ. All it took was one blissful beatmatch and he knew that this was his calling.

Since then, Kana has been credited for putting on Dance Music events around his home island of Kaua'i; most notably Electro Kaua'i Volumes 1 & 2, where he teamed up with 0OSpot's owner, G-Spot.

He has also been featured as a guest D] for events such as Energy and Soho First Friday; and has played as supporting acts for international names such as Freq Nasty, D] Reza, and Mobin Master just to name a few. Kana now resides in Auckland, New Zealand, where he holds a number of residencies and frequents many clubs around the city. However, he looks forward to returning home to Hawaii in 2012.
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