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  • DJ Lava

DJ Lava
He has build his name through consistency and one-of-a-kind style that would be impossible to duplicate, event if you tried.


The Crime Syndicate is the bassforce duo of dj Crime and dj Lava. Dj Crime is one of the first electronic music video producers with releases on Crooklyn Clan and a hard drive full of one of a kind vidz.He is currently the WMC video champ 2 years running. Dj Lava has rocked Hawaii and Whistler for years with all different styles including reggae and dubstep, and has been playing vidz since serrato video sl came out. With the evolving music culture both djs felt there was a lack of dubstep vidz available so they decided to join forces in late 2010 and produce face melting and mind warping bass videos, as well as tracks(soundcloud-the crime syndicate). They have posted videos for download on Vimeo,(dj lava, dj crime, including the RISE UP mix, and recently played on the mixinglab.net http://mixinglab.net
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