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DJ Mars In 1993 Mars pushed for a new sound in San Francisco that helped change Dance culture in America. Considered the pioneer of Cybertrance, Mars has attained a cult-like following for his distinct style of Trance music.
Performing with almost all of his own original productions from his record label FREQUENCY 8, MARS has played to over 45,000 people at a time at some of the largest dance events in U.S. history. As a major influence on Trance music, he has received press from Billboard magazine, Urb Magazine, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Weekly, Wired, Honolulu Weekly and MTV.

Mars has 38 singles released worldwide and plays events alongside some of the biggest names in dance music including BT, Armin Van Helden, Carl Cox, Benny Benassi, Paul Oakenfold and Tiesto. He continues to push the Dance music envelope by doing remix work for DJ's, producers, and major Artists including Alicia Keys.
For his most recent full-length album "Alienaided," Mars has collaborated with Donald Glaude, the Jungle Brothers and the legendary George Clinton.
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