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  • DJ Matt Kee

DJ Matt Kee DJ Kee comes out of the SF Bay Area and San Diego and has been DJing since 1992. Originally spinning Hip Hop, Acid Jazz and Rare Groove, DJ Kee also branched out into various other genres including House in the late 90s and moved to Honolulu in 2003.

Kee further developed his asthetic while holding down key Honolulu residences at Zanzibar, Studio 1, Buddha Bar, the Hano Hano Room, The Wave Waikiki, Doraku and Nobu. DJ Kee likes to tweak and blur the lines between genres and has an arsenal of remixes and covers, prompting one local promoter to dub him "Lord of the Remix" in 2003, well before the term "Mash Up" had even hit the mainstream and become overplayed and flooded with the over-the-top, cheesy remixes that the genre is know for today.

DJ Kee is known for intelligent DJ sets spanning genres from trip hop, rare groove, house, breaks, hip hop and more. Kee joined the staff of KTUH college radio in 2009 with his show "It Takes Two" every Monday night/Tuesday morning from 12am-3am.

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