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  • Dj Rafstar

Dj Rafstar
Without any formal training in music outside of grade school, this act was fascinated with various genres ever since childhood and inspired to explore the world of mixed music (nonstop mega-mixes) by the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Vincent De Moor and BT.

Today, his digital record crates tote a wide variety of genres from House to Hard Dance to TRVP and beyond so he can ensure a solid performance tailored to fit any crowd while creating a new and interesting mixture of the best of all genres by expressing his own flavor.

As he continues his venture in discovering his own hidden capabilities in a campaign to become the true "total package", DJ RAFSTAR appears to possess a natural ability and artistic presence while he performs that continues to captivate audiences time after time with his high-energy quick mixing, emotionally progressive programming and unparalleled blend of multiple genres that keep them returning for more.

Photo Credit: Melissa Kumano
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