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  • DJ Rap - Charissa Saverio

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DJ Rap is CHARISSA SAVERIO and has been the undisputed queen of the turntables and voted the #1 female DJ in the world by Shejay, she owns, records for, runs and A&Rs two labels Proper Talent and Improper Talent, a producer, recording artist and an actor. She has been a prime mover on the Drum & Bass scene but not content to just sit in the studio and direct, she learned her craft as an engineer and produced many classics, often while collaborating with other artists. Hits like "Spiritual Aura" changed the face of Drum and Bass and lead to the birth of Proper Talent.

After being the first artist on the scene to self-release her first CD, she gathered interest from Sony and was soon signed to them along with the likes of Grooverider and Leftfield, where she surprised us again with a new sound. Rolling Stone Magazine gave Learning Curve three and a half stars "this is the record Madonna wanted to make." Learning Curve went on to sell over 1000,000 bringing her total sales to over 3000,000 copies worldwide in including her successful compilation sales including Journeys By DJ, Propa Classics Vol. 1 & 2, Brave New World, Armani Exchange & touching bass, Bulletproof, up all night, which have all crossed many genres and has become DJ Rap's trademark.

Now we see the long awaited follow up to "learning curve" with "SYNTHESIS" which is a fusion of beauty,rock and electronica, with every lyric heartfelt and raw" produced by DJ RAP and TYLER BHORNTUS.Catch her live with her band performing with SEAL this x mas
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