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DJ Scarrd BIO
DJ Scrrd First started djing in 1996 and started a mobile dj company. 2 years later he was introduced to the EDM scene by a friend. He soon fell in love with the scene shortly after that. His first EDM dj gig was in Las Vegas at a rave called Sun-E Dayz. Shortly after that, he began to spin at various EDM clubs in Hawaii which includes Pyramids, Formula 660, Virus, and Perpetual Groove to name a few.

Today, he is the owner and operator of Legendary Sounds and Photographix Unlimited. He also helps promote OOSpot events and The Shop. Legendary Sounds provides Sound & Lighting at various OOSpot events like The Shop, Lucky Charms, and Lovefest. Photographix Unlimited also provides photography coverage at most of OOSpotst events.

DJ Scarrd, Photographix Unlimited, and Legendary Sounds is proud to be working along side with OOSpot in the quest of providing Hawaii an enjoyable EDM experience.

DJ Scarrd first started his djing carreer back in 1996 when he graduated high school. Scarrd obtained his first set of speakers and lights right before his graduation party. With what he had, he started a mobile dj company, which he called Audio Sensation. DJ Sarrd sacrificed a lot of money and time into the business. After a few years of running the company, he finally gave it up because of the lack of business it has produced. Nearing the end of his mobile dj carreer, a close friend of introduced Scarrd to electronic music. This was back in 1999. He did not get a start as an electronic dj until a industry friend asked him to spin for a rave in Las Vegas. It was a very eye opening experience and it was one that he really enjoyed. Upon returning to Hawaii, he vowed to spin electronic music from then on. Scarrd then hooked up with some old friends who were promoters that were converting their top 40 clubs into electronic clubs.That is where he started to spin more and more electronic music. As time went by, Scarrd knowledge for electronic music grew. Which led to his discovery of Hardcore. Scarrd was one of the rare djs back then that spun hardcore. This was the peak of his electronic djing carreer. As his involvement with the scene started to dissipate, he started to find a new carreer. This was photography. I started to pursue my new passion and I've even gotten a job as a photographer. I started a photography business, which has grown every year. This would be his 3rd year in running a photography business. During this period, he was minimally involved with the electronic scene. Only to spin once every 3-4 months and only while playing tracks that are over a year old. Scarrd hadn't purchased a new track in over 3 years. For the past 6 months, he has returned full throttle to the scene. Not only as a photographer but also as a dj. As a photographer, he had the wonderful opportunity to photograph events such as Energy, Qbert, DJ AK1200, ChinatownGetdown.com, etc. All being possible with the help of our collaborations with 00Spot. He has also restarted his mobile dj business. Not as Audio Sensation but as Legendary Sounds. Currently, he is only on-call at my once full time job just so that he has more time to concentrate on the businesses. He is now concentrating on building and growing my business on a large scale. This year will be the first year that Scarrd will be a vendor at the Bridal Expo in July. This will also be the first time that we will be providing sounds for Lovefest at one of the smaller stages. All the time working on creating a light show business which includes a laser that no one in Hawaii has. This past few months has been a really big transition for him as a dj and with his career. These changes are big and being prepared for them offers a mastery. Hawaii has something new in stored for them.
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