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DJ Space Cowboy A DJing career that spans over a decade, with a vast music collection ranging from deep house to hip hop to electro. Space Cowboy works the decks rocking all kinds of dance floors from nightclubs to one-off massives. Space recognizes what the crowd demands and aims to deliver but at the same time take everyone on a roller coaster ride. "I want the crowd to be out of breath with their hearts pounding 180BPM by the time my set is done."

Space honed his skill at the legendary Wave Waikiki, from 1995 to 2000, playing alongside some of Hawaii's best jocks KSM and Racer X. A regular in the 808 state's club and rave scene DJ Space Cowboy moved floors using a blend of funky and tech house with a sprinkling of breaks. Space Cowboy eventually hooked up with Los Angeles promoter Go Ventures becoming a regular fixture at LA's Monster Massive and The Hawaii Love Festival.

Space's seamless mix of house bangers earned him the reputation as one of Hawaii's top DJs. In 2003 Space Cowboy took a seven year break from decks, "I felt I needed to step away after playing every week, sometimes almost every night, nonstop for over 7 years."

In 2011 Hawaii saw the return of the Space Cowboy at the Hawaii Love Festival where over 10,000 party goers attended the Summer time massive. With Space's batteries refreshed and a renewed enthusiasm he is ready to unleash his brand of mixing on the scene. "I hope to continue where I left off in 2003 and that's making people dance."
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