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Credit: Kalani Wilhelm
Supporters may complain about the lack of attention the local electronic music scene receives. Forgive DJ Tide for not being one of those people.

When you hold residency status at two of the more prominent dance music parties on the island, there's no time to hark on the negative.

"I feel we as a collective should focus on trying to figure out how to improve the scene," said the Mililani native. "As of now, I feel the scene is starting to pick up again!"

While Tide is high on the current state of Hawai'i dance music culture, he's in it for the long haul. He relishes the responsibility of taking the scene as far as it can go.

He may be a DJ now but will always be a dancer and fan first and foremost.

"I play whatever would make me dance, as I don't really consider myself a DJ, more a partier who plays other people's music."

Party on.

DJ Tide Featured in Honolulu Weekly

Link to my mixes - Soundcloud.com/DJTide808

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