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DJs Marcus Lee (SF) Marcus Lee has always had a passion and keen ear for music. As a child, listening to Jose Melendez mix on Wild 107, now known to us as Wild 94.9, Marcus would be able to call out the song Melendez would throw on next. That's when it dawned on him that he can be a DJ to.

Early on in his teens, he didn't have his own DJ equipment and would rock out at house parties using other DJ's set up until he finally got his own. Marcus's uncle, Marc Escalante, was Lee's very first teacher in 1997 but it was in middle school that he linked up with classmate, Alzy Esperanza, better known as DJ Illefect, and they would both attend DJ Battles together. Fully captivated by the art form, from scratching to beat juggling, he quickly realized that there was more to DJing then just mixing and began incorporating these methods in his own sets when practicing.

Fast forwarding to High School, Marcus then found an interest in Mobile DJing and partnered up with Illefect to form a 2 Man mobile crew called Turntable Holix. This gave them both the opportunity to DJ at school dances, cotillions, baptisms, birthdays, and house parties all around the Bay Area.

It wasn't until 2004 when Marcus met Anthony Schlander (Tonic Live) and Schlander gave Lee the opportunity to throw down at his first Club gig at Snow Drift in San Francisco which eventually turned into a residency. At 20 years old, Marcus then put together a demo that landed him a slot after Rick Lee (106.1 KMEL) at a party called Boondocks and killed it. After that, the gigs kept rolling in from every which way. First a weekly at Classic Bowl, with Keith O, then other weekly's followed such as Whisper, Club NV, and Glaskat with Joel (JE) Eshabarr of Spintronix and KJ Forrest (Beatknoxx).

Yes, Marcus Lee is still very young but very much underrated. He has evolved from a Hip Hop/Top 40 DJ into a house DJ rockin' bigger venues and music festivals that consists of a thousand plus partygoers and only expanding his career as a DJ even more so by experimenting with other genres of music. He's Hungry, Humble and keep your ears open
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