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Miki Mayhem DJ Miki Mayhem was born in Walnut Creek, VA. She has also lived in the DC metropolitan area of Virginia and the foothills of Denver, Colorado. She moved to Hawaii in 1990, inspired by the island's beauty, and the laid-back, relaxed attitude of its inhabitants.

Her love for enjoying Hawaii's beauty and outside activities, lead her to work at night as a bartender, enabling her to free her days for pleasure and play. Working in various night clubs in Honolulu, opened he up to the music scene, and dancing became another pleasure that she sought after. On her nights-off, she would go to the clubs with the best DJs, who could keep her on the dance floor all night long.

She never imagined becoming a DJ, until one day: she figured out how to burn a mix CD on her computer. She bought a used set of turntables w/a mixer and a box of records, and was taught the basics on how to beat-match by her DJ friend, Byron the Fur. After a couple of years of practice, practice, practice...she got her first gig at Da Big Kahuna in Waikiki.

She then went on to spin at other Honolulu Night clubs: Tsunami's, Cirque Hawaii, Cabanas, Fashion 45, Jazz Minds Art & Cafe, Indigo, and Breakers Haleiwa, The Shop, Hawaiian Brian's Billiards, The Library, O Lounge, The Asylum, MadDog's Saloon, The WareHouse, and Pipeline Cafe. She has also spun in San Francisco, Miami, and Toronto, Canada. These venues were Club Boss and Club Fluid in San Francisco, Roe, The Bubble Lounge, Paradise Lounge; Club Jazid in Miami at the Tastemasters of Breaks party, Club Nowhere, La Follie D'Amour Night Club, in Miami; Toi Bar, Backpackers Paradise, and 2 Temperence Afterhours in Toronto. She made her debut at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami 2009 and 2010, during the WMC (Winter Music Conference) in South Beach, FL.
She has participated in various Art Festivals such as Optimystique at Waimea Falls Park, Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada, and WEMF (World Electronic Music Festival) in Ontario, Canada, and this year's HEMF (Hawaii Electronic Music Festival), and Alchemeyez Vissionary Art and Music Festival on the Big Island of Hawaii. She has performed at many First Friday Gallery Walk events in Hawaii at Bad Sushi!, also at Ong King Art Center, and at DaSpace/Studio Be.

DJ Miki Mayhem's style has evolved from progressive and deep house, to jazzy house, to breakbeats and electro, and a recent influence of tech house, minimal, and Dubstep. She picks music that inspires and lifts your energy up--any tracks that get you out of your seat, make you shake your money-maker and move your feet. She loves playing with LIVE musicians, who can jam along with her beats. She has spun with the additions of sax, trumpet, flute, and various drums.

She has spun with Randy Wheeler, a well-known local and proficient saxophonist, Glenn Bhayahari, a percussionist who plays with unbeatable stamina, and T-ona... a beautiful vocalist, who is a true performance-artist that has hypnotic dance moves, as well as the gift of voice and improv. Her band was called "Mixtup Mayhem From Planet Purple." Miki's former DJ name was Miki Mixtup, but a close friend, Erik, gave her the present DJ Handle, because she isn't so "mixed-up" anymore...she knows exactly what she wants, and Mayhem is a lot more fitting to her wild side, more fun, and best describe her playful variety of Beats.

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