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  • Bandanna del Fuego
    Bandanna del Fuego is a virtuosic trio, featuring eclectic, psychedelic jams and deep electronica for a fusion of styles that moves a room and engages the ear.
  • Fire Jam
    This tribe is the gathering place for all Hawaii Fire Artists to create community, share in our arts, and promote.
  • FireSoup
    Arriving in the underground art scene in metropolitan Honolulu, one would be hard pressed not to feel the influence of this dynamic performer, choreographer, music producer, fire artist, and leading entertainer.
  • Hydrosphere
    Walking on Water!
  • Artist Designer Doug Jago @Babejago
    Art Combined With Organized Confusion With Placement Of Shapes And Patterns, Paintings Of A 3 Dimensional Design Designer Doug Jago
  • Stef Muzic
    Stef Muzic is an Award Winning Recording Artist out of Honolulu, Hawaii and is a NARA member and voting member of the Grammy Awards. She is also the Hawaii Chapter Coordinator for the Nashville Songwriters Association.
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