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  • ACID WASH 10 Year Anniversary & Valentines's Day Prom Party Press Release

PO BOX 12073, HONOLULU, HAWAII 96828-1073



FROM: Mike Licata 323-972-9900 & OOSPOT G Dehnert 808-228-0848


DATE: Friday Feb 12th 2016

RE: Acid Wash 10 Year Anniversary: Valentines Prom


Acid Wash & OOSpot present


10 Year Anniversary

& Valentine's Day Prom

Friday Feb 12th 2016

Hawaii Events Center

985 Dillingham Blvd.

Honolulu HI 96817

Nocturna Quiksilva G-Spot & the return of Vegas Mike hosted by LaCutie

FREE before 10pm - $5 presale $10 at the door before midnight- $20 after

21+ 9pm-4am.

Table reservations and bottle service available - vip@oospot.com

Tickets available at: http://secure.oospot.com


A little over 10 years ago Mike Licata, who had just moved to Honolulu to open NextDoor, went on a hike with long time DJ friends Greg "DJ G-Spot" and new friend Jason "DJ Quiksilva", to discuss a mid-week event that could change the way people went out in Honolulu. Having recently come from Las Vegas via Los Angeles, Mike had come from an electronic music background with his producer project Digital Assassins, but always had a passion for the 80s new wave scene, and wanted to do something different. G-SPOT called Ann DJ Nocturna who had the FRI & SAT 6-9pm slots at UH College Radio KTUH 90.1 respectively, and the team was formed.

The open night in town was Wednesdays at NextDoor, and the night became known as Acid Wash. Acid Wash jeans were popular in the 80s. Mike and G-Spots vision wasn't fully embraced for nearly a year however, a small marketing budget and the obstacle of getting people to come out on a Wednesday proved difficult, but the team pushed forward to a core group of 20-30 people that first year. Then for the One Year Anniversary, Mike came up with the idea of the Valentine's Day 80's Prom, and Wednesday's wouldn't be the same. The marketing budget increased, ACID WASH got write ups from Honolulu Weekly, and Star Advertiser, and the word was out... Hundreds of people found their way Downtown every Wednesday!

ACID WASH had some very special guest DJ's over its tenure including but not limited; Andy Rourke from The Smiths, Daniel Ash from Bauhaus/ Love and Rockets, Jerry Casale from DEVO. Also, House music legends; King Britt, Donald Glaude, Jimmy Van M, Superstar DJ Keoki and a live performance from Mt Sims. Wednesdays Acid Wash Night was also fortunate enough to have the Nocturnal Sound Krew guys flex their amazing abilities for The Acid Wash Team night from time to time.

Over the years Acid Wash was at NextDoor, the Living Room, SOHO, a few nights at Indigo and then back to NextDoor at the end. It had run its course, some might say even overstayed its welcome a tad, but so it goes in the nightlife scene. "It was the best night out in Honolulu for many years. A place you went to have fun, listen to music, meet up with friends and smile." Licata says, "We got the gang back together for one night, so I hope to see some of the old faces again on February 12th."

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